January 22, 2024

How sellable is your home?

From experience, we know that when potential buyers view your property, whether that be online or in person, the better your home looks and feels, the more likely you are to get an asking price offer.
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The points below will allow you to see where there may be room for improvement in your marketing so that you get that all-important viewing.

Your estate agent

Communication and feedback are key to helping you understand how the marketing of your property is going. Do they update you regularly - at least once a week and after every viewing? Do they give detailed feedback after each viewing? Do they constantly suggest further improvements for the marketing to generate further viewings?

Your online marketing

The best agents will work together with a professional photographer and make sure that your home is presented in the most attractive light to produce great photos for marketing. Remember that these marketing photos are your virtual shop window, and with the possibility of hundreds of other homes appearing in search results, your photo's will need to stand out, as this helps secure your viewings, yo encourage a click through to your property. Are your photographs professional looking? 

Do they sell the lifestyle on offer? Does the main photograph grab the buyer’s attention? Are the features of each room highlighted? Are any fires lit? Have the lights been switched on to ensure a room looks spacious and bright? Has the agent/photographer gone to further efforts such as running a bath and lighting candles to sell a cosy and elegant lifestyle, not just a bathroom? 

Along with the photographs is there a punchy, eye-catching headline? Is the written description of the property enthusiastic and selling the lifestyle? Is there a good-quality all-important floorplan image? Read our blog on How floor plans can help sell your home.

The selling price

Making sure your home is advertised at a price that reflects its true value is a must to stop it from sitting on the market for long periods. Do you know how your price, per square foot, compares to that of other comparable homes in your area? Has your agent talked you over the price per square foot?  Is your asking price a round figure, e.g £500,000, not £499,999 and has your agent explained why this is so important especially for marketing on portals such as Rightmove? Does your home, for its prices, appear more desirable than other searches in the price range?

Presenting your home for the viewing

First impressions do count, so think about how your home looks as buyers approach it - does your home provide a grand entrance?

Are the paths leading to your front door clean and tidy? Does the garden look tidy? Is there somewhere for the potential buyer to park their car? Is the front door clean and all outside lights working? One thing sellers often forget is the for sale board, isit clean? Is there any damage? If so, make sure to let your agent know, they can arrange for a replacement. 

Once inside the property, make sure all rooms shine to potential buyers. When selling a home, you are also selling the lifestyle the property can offer, so think about the little touches. Do you have fresh flowers displayed?

Have you dressed all the beds? Switched on lamps? Lit candles? Creating a welcoming and homely atmosphere is the key.

If you have most of the points above covered, this suggests both you and your agent are on top of your home sale! However, if you only have a few of these points covered, it’s probably time to consider a full-marketing makeover.  Speak to your agent today and create a new marketing-plan, to turn things around. 

However, if you don’t get the response you were hoping for, from your current agent, give Joe, Paul or Ryan in the sales team a call – they will be happy to review your marketing and provide their own opinion on what they think needs to be done, to secure a successful sale.