January 22, 2024

Upcoming legislation changes for Landlords

The White Paper on the Renters' Reform Bill is due to be published in the Spring.
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The government has revealed that The White Paper on the Renters' Reform Bill is due to be published in the Spring. The White Paper would outline its "reformpackage" for the private rented sector, which is set to include abolishing Section 21 and the introduction of lifetime deposits, with an aim to halve thenumber of "non-decent" rental homes' and create a "securepath" to homeownership by 2030. 


The recommendations set out in Michael Gove's "Levelling Up White Paper",highlights that "having a decent home is essential to well-being andaccommodation quality must be addressed in order to create thrivingneighbourhoods and communities".


The report will set out that:

  • Section 21 will be abolished to "reset the relationship between landlords and tenants" This would put an end to “no-fault evictions” Under normal circumstances when the extended notice periods are not in place, landlords can evict their tenants under Section 21 by providing them with two months’ notice once their fixed-term contract has come to an end. Landlords aren’t required to provide their tenants with a reason for eviction, hence the term “no-fault” eviction. The abolishment of section 21 would aim to create longer tenancies and strengthen the grounds for repossession under section 8 of the housing act 1988.


  • The government aims to "explore proposals for new minimum standards for rented homes", including launching a consultation on a mandatory national landlord register, to help "stop repeat offenders leaving renters in terrible conditions" and "take tough action against rogue landlords"


  • All private rented homes will need to meet a legally binding minimum standard for the first time. The Decent Homes Standard (currently only applies to social housing) - will be reviewed to make it "fit for the present day" 


  • Poor energy efficiency will also be addressed, aiming to target funding "at the worst-performing homes and those least able to pay", factoring into their decarbonisation strategy and funding which supports its previous proposals to increase Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards by 2028 in Private Rented Homes.

With all the on-going Legislation changes its important that you fully understand and keep yourself updated with the changes. If you require any help with this process the lettings team can provide full-management for your property. For more information contact the lettings team on 01376 322 222.