January 22, 2024

How floor plans can help sell your home.

How floor plans can help sell your home.
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How floor plans can help sell your home.

When planning a road trip, you would not start the journey without a sat nav or map. So why would you start your moving journey without the homebuyer equivalent, Floor plans!

It turns out photos are eye-catching, descriptions are beneficial, but floorplans are favoured. Research from Rightmove even suggests that floor plans are one of the most vital aspects of property presentation to buyers.

So what is it about floor plans that can potentially help sell your home?

Measurements of the property

Potential buyers are looking for room dimensions. Adding these measurements in the listing description is not always the best idea, as they can easily be overlooked or skimmed over. Including the measurements on the floorplan itself means they can be seen in a clear context and hopefully create a picture of the space on offer, presenting the property as a blank canvas, allowing potential buyers to 'mentally move' their furniture in.

The floor plan is also a great way of displaying the cardinal directions (The compass rose used for orientation to display, north, south, east and west) vital for buyers eager for a south-facing garden for summer evening entertaining.

Time saver

A floor plan is a timesaver – for both viewers and sellers. The floor plan creates an upfront picture of precisely what your home has to offer, allowing home-hunters to see from the outset if the property will or won't work for them, rather than both parties suffering the wasted time of an empty viewing.

Visual Flow

Floor plans may make your home seem bigger! Even the most disordered and clutter-filled homes can present a tidy, spacious appearance on the floor plan. The box room, piled high with memorabilia, which the photographer winced away from, its slate now wiped clean by the empty square of potential on the floor plan. In awkwardly-shaped rooms where photographers may find it hard to fully capture the whole space, having a floor plan with measurements in place allows the buyer to build a clearer picture in their head, hopefully helping to solve the issue. Furthermore, displaying the overall square footage of the property is an excellent device for showing off the potential of your home and allowing homebuyers to compare other properties and determine how suitable your home will be for them.

The full professional package

The absence of a floor plan can seem like a cut corner and may leave home-hunters frustrated. Providing as much information as possible from the start not only presents both the seller and agent acting on their behalf, in a professional manner, the floor plan will hopefully also help to generate viewings of only serious buyers - as they already have a good idea of the layout of the property, the square footage and the presentation.  

Exclusive homes

For the exclusive home's going on to the market at a higher price, floor plans are an absolute must. Exclusive homes can also often come with numerous outbuildings, annexes or stables plus others, and floor plans showing their presence will more than likely win viewers.

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