January 22, 2024

Stand out from the crowd

When selecting your Estate agent, remember to check their online presence. We all know that first impressions count, and this could not be truer when it comes to selling your property!
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The photos you present to the market help you stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of eager buyers or tenants.


Photography is all about lighting, room angles and investing time to make sure your home will look its best. On the day of the photoshoot,there will be a lot to consider, but the estate agent and photographer will guide you through the process and provide tips on everything from the weather on the day of the photoshoot to which quirks and features of your home should be highlighted. They will also guide you through the process to produce ‘lifestyle’ shots featuring your carefully chosen props.  


You can’t add inches to the size of your rooms, but poor lighting and clutter will appear to shave inches off.

Recently, Joscleyne Chase was instructed by a vendor who was previously on the market with another agent with no successful viewings. When our Branch partner, Joe took a look at the marketing, he could see just why this could be! The photos had been taken by the estate agent and did not present the property at its best. Don’t allow your estate agent to cut corners by taking the pictures themselves.

An experienced estate agent will know that the best way to market a property is to delegate the photoshoot to the professionals from the get-go. A professional photographer understands the importance of the correct lighting, angle and ambience, which is needed to obtain the best set-up for a perfect shot.

The image below presents a small gloomy, living area not somewhere you ideally would want to relax......

Our photographer, just by changing the angle slightly, and having the correct lighting, changes the photo dramatically. Creating a bright, spacious space.

The below image of the kitchen looks dull, dark and the quality of the photo looks slightly distorted.


Our image looks bright with a light view throughout the hallway of the home with no distortion to the picture quality.


When selling or letting in 2022 think about your property photos, compare your photos to similar homes on the market. Do your photos STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD, if the answer is no make sure to discuss this with your agent and let them know your thoughts? If you require help with the marketing of your property in 2022 call our sales or lettings team on 01376 322222