January 22, 2024

Preparing your home for its photo shoot

It would seem 2020 has prompted a "life is too short" attitude in buyers looking for their next home in The North Essex Area. Property stock is in high demand leading to higher prices and buyers competing for the best homes. "It certainly is a seller's market right now, but for how long, we are unsure".
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Preparing your home for its Photo shoot

If you are thinking of selling your home, our advice would be to get the ball rolling now rather than waiting until after lockdown has eased. Whilst you contact your three chosen estate agents for market appraisals, the time in between allows you the opportunity to ensure your home is ready for its photo shoot. When searching Rightmove for properties, buyers make up their minds in seconds; so, you need your pictures to stand out for the right reasons.

To help wow buyers with photography, you need to first prepare for success. Below are some pointers to help make sure your photos stand out against the competition: Prepare your home now, ready for when your chosen estate agent, calls in the professional photographer.

If your property already looks show home wow, you will not have much to do. On the other hand, if your home is cluttered, you will need to give it a good spring clean and declutter.

Remove all items from rooms that do not create positively, to the presentation of the room. Place items into boxes marked Charity, sell and store. All spaces look larger when they are decluttered and cleaned, which present great photos. The better the photo's look, the more likely you are to receiving viewings - which achieves or accelerates the asking price.

Do your research - look at other homes currently on the market for sale. How can your home compete with these? Critically evaluate the presentation and compare it to your own home. You can even have friends and family help you out with this. Do you need to re-paint any rooms? Neutral tones are always favourable when it comes to decor, making spaces look brighter and larger - great for the photographs. Do you need to update soft furnishings? Replacing the sofa may not be practical, but new cushions would create an improvement. Replacing accessories and more affordable soft furnishings can change the look of your home dramatically. Dressing your home and defining a purpose for the room can help you to compete more successfully on the market. Each room needs to impress, and attention to little details is key!

Use Instagram, Pinterest and home magazines for inspiration and shop for staging accessories to give your home the star treatment.

Dress bathrooms with luxury toiletries and fluffy towels. Kitchen worktops should be clear with only lifestyle touches, such as a cheese board or a cake stand with a delicious looking cake. 

Use foliage and plants in the front room. Dress the sofa with cushions and throws and use lifestyle magazines for coffee table props. 

Bedrooms should provide a relaxed ambience created by using table lamps and candles. The bedding should be crease-free (use an iron if need be). Cushions and throws can also provide a good look.

Do not forget the outside of the property. The front garden and entrance should create a grand entrance to tempt buyers to see what else is on offer!

On the day of the photoshoot - be the photographer's assistant. Plump cushions remove bins or items that look less attractive. Do not be afraid to ask to see the photos and provide feedback and advice on how you would like the images to look. Point out the features that charmed you on your first viewing; strive for a selection of shots; a mix of lifestyle, full-width, and feature. The images you choose should reflect the lifestyle a buyer will aspire to, helping to captivate buyers.