Rent reviews & Lease Renewals

With commercial leases, we are qualified to be able to act in the best interests of either the tenant or the landlord, regarding lease renewals and rent reviews.

Being Braintree's largest agent of commercial property, we have a vast database of property transactions in this region collated over a number of years.  This puts our firm in a strong position to utilise this information, and accurately assess rental levels on all types of commercial premises to negotiate on the client's behalf. We also have the expertise to guide clients through the various legal issues in order to achieve the best result.

We can monitor lease terms and dates therein to know exactly when to trigger the relevant notices/memorandums.

Rent review - a typical scenario

  • Landlord A, wants to exercise a rent review to ascertain if the current rate charged to the tenant can be increased in line with market values.
  • Joscelyne Chase will undertake a preliminary report to assess the viability and offer guidance as to whether or not an increase is possible.
  • Joscelyne Chase to head up negotiations with the tenant on behalf of the landlord, to achieve a fair rent.

Lease renewal - a typical scenario

  • Company B are coming to the end of their fixed lease term and want to negotiate another fixed term with the Landlord.
  • Joscelyne Chase will undertake a preliminary report to assess current market conditions.
  • Joscelyne Chase will head up negotiations with the Landlord, on behalf of the tenant, to achieve fair lease terms.

For more information on our rent reviews and lease renewals service, please contact Joscelyne Chase professional services department on 01376 322222.