Edwardian Period 1901 - 1918

Residential | 22/12/15   Laura Marszalek

Typical features of an Edwardian Period House

In this next edition, we look at the Edwardian Period of housing and the typical features you could expect to find with their design and interiors.

Edwardian style housing reflected the country’s prosperity before the First World War. These large houses were built on the outskirts of major towns and cities as they then existed. Now they may be considered to be inner city locations. They originally housed the profession classes and their servants.

Popular featured of Edwardian property might include:

  • Large bay windows
  • Decorative brickwork and stonework
  • Front and back gardens
  • Cavity walls
  • Large rooms with high ceilings
  • Decorative timber staircases

Internally, these properties had a light and fresh feel with feminine floral patterns using pastel colours. Stripes were also quite common. Floors were typically highly polished wood block floors with oriental rugs.

There are examples of Edwardian period housing on Courtauld Road, The Avenue and London Road in Braintree.