Buy to Let

Residential | 17/09/19  

As the Government has withdrawn many tax breaks in recent years, landlords have been hit by an increasingly strict tax regime.

These, along with other changes to the property rental market have led many owners of single rental properties out of the market.  At a time where there is a shortage of properties available to rent changes are needed to entice investors back into the market or to encourage existing landlords to increase their property portfolio. One of the country‚Äôs largest buy to let mortgage providers has decided to open up its lending rules, to allow portfolio landlords to borrow against a great number of properties than they previously allowed.  Together with lenders offering great rates on buy to let mortgages shows that they are looking to attract business from potential investors. It is now more vital than ever for landlords to ensure they are getting the best possible deal on their buy to let mortgages, looking not just at the interest rates but at setting up fees and underwriting criteria.  Finding the right tenant is also crucial to ensure that rent is paid and the property is looked after. For more information contact Caroline Fox.

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