When moving out of your rental property

Lettings | 25/01/20  

Are you moving out of your rental property? If so our advice would be to remember to leave the property as you found it. Landlords will accept an element of fair wear and tear during a residential tenancy. However, if it's anything more than a reasonable amount, you could see deductions from your deposit.

To avoid any deductions from the deposit always start by re-reading the inventory check-in document you would have received at the start of your tenancy, this will help you to understand the original condition of the property and the standard of cleaning that will be required.

Make sure to return all items of furniture if any were left, and make sure that they are in the correct rooms that they were found in - the inventory check-in document can also help with this if you can't remember. This helps to avoid any claims for missing items. 

All rooms of the house should be cleaned to the same standard as they were found on move-in day. Don't forget appliances such as the oven, hob and fridge freezer as well as the windows - these are the areas that are most likely to be forgotten. Consider calling in a professional cleaner to minimise the stress and workload - the lettings team at Joscleyne Chase can provide details for trusted company's who can provide an end of tenancy cleaning service. 

Minor marks and scuffs to the wall could be counted for as wear and tear during the tenancy. However, if the TV has been affixed to the wall or pictures have been hung up which have created holes, these need to be removed and fixed to the original condition. 

Don't leave any unwanted items behind, unless it has been agreed with the landlord first. By doing so you may end up with a charge for disposal. 

Outside space which you have been responsible for needs to be returned to how it was found. Mow lawns, trim bushes, jet spray any hard surfaces such as a patio area, and remove any waste.  

Do chat to your Landlord or letting agents before moving out if you think there may be any issues- it is much easier to reach an agreement before moving out. 

Last modified on 25/01/20