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The heart of the home

Joscelyne Chase | 16/01/19   Joscelyne Chase

The kitchen tends to be the most used area of the home. From preparing food to eating and drinking, socialising with Friends and family and then of course helping out with homework and creating arts and crafts with the children. The kitchen is a base for family oriented living and has gone from being a room with the distinct purpose of just preparing food in, to the social space of the house.

Having an inspiring and functional space turns meal prep into a pleasurable activity whilst also allowing the space to be utilised by the whole family at the same time as cooking. A modern well thought-out kitchen and dining space can dramatically add to the value of the home.

Looking back the kitchen used to be a room with the sole purpose of preparing a meal. Family and friends would gather in the separate dining room which would mean the cook would normally not get the opportunity to be too involved in the social goings-on. Moving forward kitchens are now classed as the new living areas with many having space to allow for larger tables that comfortably sit up to 6 people, an island and even a lounging area, so that in effect, everybody can get together when the food preparation is happening.

Everybody wishes for a kitchen that can be the heart of the home, but sometimes the layout or size of your kitchen doesn’t allow for it? With careful designing it could still be the space you desire.


Can you go open plan?

This seems to be the way forward for many modern kitchens as the kitchen is now required to be many spaces in one. Can a dining room be knocked through to the kitchen? Is the kitchen able to be extended?


 Factor in a central Island

Perfect to help divide up your kitchen as it clearly defines where the kitchen space is. The island can function as an area to grab a quick bite at or a place to sit with a glass of wine whilst chatting to the person preparing and cooking the food.


The key is to make a social space

If there is no option for enlarging or redesigning the kitchen. The key is to try and fit in a table that provides enough space for everyone to sit around. Alternatively fitting a breakfast bar that can be used as a dining area could also work. If the kitchen allows for it a small sofa or arm chair can create a more sociable area.


Below are two properties we currently have on the market which provide kitchens that are heart of the their home. 


St Thomas Court, Old St Michaels Drive, Braintree


Church Lane, Braintree