Joscelyne Chase

Staff pass their exams

Joscelyne Chase | 24/11/15   Paul Bird

Congratulations to our staff members who have recently completed their Level 3 Technical Award

Well done to the five members of staff who have just completed their Level 3 Technical Award for Residential Sales, Residential Lettings and Commercial Property.

After a year of hard work, revision and exams, Jasmine, Laura, Yvonne, Cheryl and Alison have all passed with flying colours. 

Jasmine has completed her award in Residential Property Sales. After joining the company as a trainee sales negotiator, this course has enabled Jasmine to get a more indepth understanding of many areas to do with the sale of residential property. 

Laura has completed her award in Commercial Property. Laura was new to the world of commercial property when she first joined, but has found the course has given her a good understanding of the different processes involved in the sale, lettings and management of commercial property. 

Yvonne, Cheryl and Alison have all completed their awards in Residential Lettings and Management. Going in with varying levels of experience in Residential Lettings and all with different job roles, they found the course to be beneficial in developing their understanding of the industry - from the legal side to the day to day management. 

On behalf of Joscelyne Chase, we want to congratulate them all on their achievements.