Joscelyne Chase

Sponsorship for events

Are you looking for a way to advertise an event?

Joscelyne Chase has worked with schools, local industries and Charites in the North Essex area to provide sponsorship for their events. Joscelyne Chase is keen to increase this work and would love to hear from you if you require support for an event. We normally support events through supplying boards which can advertise the event on. We will also place an advert on our touch screen window display in the Bank Street office in Braintree.

There would be no cost for us to advertise the event and the boards are put up and taken down by our contactor. All we ask is for you to provide at least 15 addresses where we can place the boards in the Braintree area.

With Christmas around the corner please do get in touch if you have any upcoming plans and would like us to advertise the event for you.

If you would like to discuss further please email Shelley Faye who will be able to provide more information.