Joscelyne Chase

Selling your home in the winter months

Joscelyne Chase | 12/01/19   Joscelyne Chase

Winter provides the opportunity for homes to be viewed at their cosiest allowing sellers to take advantage of the colder months to sell their properties.

January is the time when people start to think about the year ahead and start to think about moving home. If you are currently thinking of selling your property or already have your property on the market we have put together a few tips on how to present your property to home buyers in the winter months.


First Impressions

First impressions really are the most important so make sure the first thing your potential buyers see on arrival is a tidy exterior. During the winter months gardens and outdoor space can begin to look a bit tired. It is a good idea to make sure gardens and outdoor spaces are neat and tidy, making sure any old leafs are raked up and any grass areas have been trimmed.

To make the front of your property welcoming you may think about a new coat of paint for the front door, a new door mat and some colourful winter plants in attractive pots.

Cosiness is key

Cosy touches to our home at this time of year are essential to make it feel as appealing as possible to potential buyers. Set your heating to an optimal temperature and make sure radiators are turned on in unused rooms or spaces. Light any open fires or log burners that may be present at the property to create a cosy ambience. Add rugs to hard flooring and use throws and pillows to furniture that combine colour and texture for example velvets, fringing, fur and quilting can all work together to create a fashion-forward makeover in the home. Candles can be used to add to the cosiness.


Good Lighting

Good lighting is essential during the winter months especially if it’s a drab day. Make the most of natural light by simply washing windows this also shows your home is well maintained. Make sure all your lights are working and add lamps to any corners or areas of the property that are lacking light.