Joscelyne Chase

Selling a property in the summer months

The property market may commonly be slower in the summer months as holiday season kicks in, but don’t let that deter you from putting your property on the market during the summer as it can be an excellent time to show it off at its best. There are inexpensive improvements which can be done in order to increase your chances of a speedy, profitable sale.

Kerb Appeal

Summer is the time the exterior of your property should look on-point. Thriving flowers, trimmed bushes and freshly cut lawns in order to provide your potential buyers with a welcoming, I want to see more feeling. Front doors should be in good state of wear as well as the windows.

Let there be light

Once indoors it’s time to take advantage of the bright, light summers days. It’s crucial to maintain a good level of lighting in your home to make the property feel spacious and inviting. If your property benefits from bi-fold or French doors it’s a great idea to have them open on a nice day this provides an outside inside feeling and creates the feeling of a bigger space. All windows which host blinds and curtains should also give off a lot of light so it’s important to open curtains and blinds fully.

Check for any offensive smells

During the summer months rooms can become stuffy and create unwanted smells. Make sure each room is aired and place fresh flowers in living areas such as the lounge. Emptying bins and asking friends/family to look after any pets whilst the viewings take place. Remember to not cook lingering foods such as fish and garlic the day before any viewings are to take place. Beware of using any air fresheners which smell too heavy, summer is meant to be light and fresh.

Show of your garden living

Use outside space to their best effect. Garden furniture, barbecues, fire pits to tempt potential buyers into how well your property can provide a summer of entertaining.

As with selling your property at any point in the year always take time to de-clutter and depersonalise your property and create a neutral feeling. It may sound like common sense but it’s extremely important that the house smells fresh and looks spotless.