Joscelyne Chase

Selling For Spring

Spring is the optimum time to sell your home. Spring represents time for change, time to say goodbye to the gloomy winter days and embrace the warmer temperatures and longer hours of day light. Spring marks the start of one of the busiest periods in the property industry.

If you’re planning to take advantage of the spring sales season below are some tips for selling your house in the spring:-

1:- Now is the time to devote time to the exterior of the house by improving your landscaping, clean out any dead leaves and debris on your lawn or drive ways. Make sure no vegetation has overgrown to block paths or overshadow windows you want natural daylight to flood through windows in order to provide a great first impression of your home. Mow the lawn and trim any hedges that need it. Other suggestions would be to power wash the sides of your house to freshen up the look especially if the house is rendered.

2:- Make the entrance inviting, you may choose to give your front door a fresh coat of paint or add flowers such as daffodils and tulips to emphasis the feeling of spring. Investing in an outside mat and umbrella stand may be worthwhile as spring time can be unpredictable.

3:- Clean windows inside and out this will allow for more natural light to flow through and demonstrates attention to detail.

4:-Declutter and de-personalise remove personal belongings such as photos so potential buyers are able to envision themselves living in your home. Stage your home like a show home and be consistent with this at every viewing

5:-Finally when you think you have done everything possible to provide your property with the best chance of a sale, put yourself in the shoes of your potential buyer and cast a critical eye around your home is there anything that stands out which may not be of the taste and requirement for the buyer. Maybe neutralising the colour on a wall in a specific room or making the layout of the living room more family friendly.