Joscelyne Chase

Preventing pipes from freezing

Joscelyne Chase | 15/11/18   Joscelyne Chase

With the winter season just around the corner and the weather only set to become colder, it is important to make sure water pipes are insulated to prevent them from freezing.

Water pipes and tanks should be sufficiently insulated to prevent any exposed pipes or unheated tanks from becoming frozen. Having them properly insulated is also a good way to conserve heat in the home, reducing the cost of heating bills.

If when turning on a tap little or no water is coming out this could be an indication that a pipe may have frozen. If this is the case turn off the water supply (The stopcock or stoptap often located under the kitchen sink) immediately to prevent any bursts and try to thaw the pipe gradually without applying direct heat to the pipe. To prevent water from pouring through the house water will need to be drained from the system cold taps should be turned on and the toilet flushed to release the water, the central heating will need to be turned off and the boiler closed down. Once this has been done, drain the system further by turning on all hot water taps.

If the pipe has already burst locate the leak and block any water with a thick cloth or towel to prevent the amount of water damage. A reputable plumber should be contacted immediately. If the water has come in to contact with any electrical sockets or cabling an electrician will need to be contacted as well.

It is important to contact your home insurance provider they will have an emergency helpline you can call. Contact them as soon as possible if a claim is to be made. Record as much evidence of the damage as possible. Photos are the best record as this will be helpful to use in an insurance claim.

Frozen Pipes are more likely to occur if the heating in your home isn’t used during the winter. It is a good idea to make sure during the winter your home has some warm air circulated through your home at least once a day.

Any dripping taps should be fixed as it can prevent a build-up of water which could freeze and block the pipes.