Joscelyne Chase

Glossary of property terms - W

Joscelyne Chase | 28/04/17   Denise Twydell

This months edition of our property terms using the letter W.

Waiver – Failure to assert a legal right.

Walkway – Footpath under section 5 of the highways Act 1980, for the public to go over, through, under or around buildings.

Warrant – Document to authorise an action.

Watercourse – A river, river bed, stream or other waterway for the flow of water.

Water rate – Amount charged to the occupier for the supply of water.

Wayleave – Right of way to convey minerals from one land over another’s land if for example cables or pipes are laid.

Well – Hole or shaft in the ground to extract water or oil.

White land – Under developed land, rural, with no specific planning proposal.

Will – Written statement, witnessed, setting out intentions for how to distribute an estate upon death.

Winding up – Term used for terminating the affairs of a business or company.

Without prejudice – A way to negotiate, or settle a dispute, can be orally or in writing, without a statement or admission which can be later used in court.

Writ – A court order directing the addressee to forbear from acting in some manner.