Joscelyne Chase

Glossary of property terms - H

Joscelyne Chase | 20/01/16   Laura Marszalek

Here's the next edition of our glossary of property terms using the letter H! 

Ha-ha: a sunken bank or ditch, usually separating a formal garden from surrounding parkland without interrupting the view. Not a term commonly used these days.

Halving back: a method of applying a unit of rent to the zones of the area of a retail shop unit for rental valuation purposes. The principle is that the front of the shop is the most valuable area, then the value of the rent declines as you go back.

Hatching: parallel lines usually drawn at an angle, used in plan making, to delineate specific areas or other features

Head lease: a leasehold interest held directly from the freeholder and subject to one or more underleases

Heads of terms: Fundamental points of an agreement intended to form the basis of a formal contract. These normally include duration of the lease, level of rent, obligations and rights of each party, maintenance, insurance and use.

Heave: vertical or lateral movement of the soil. This may be caused by geological disturbance, frost, moisture content etc.

Hectare: a metric measurement equal to 100 acres.

Heritage property: property designated as such by the Inland Revenue. Including pictures, books, works of art, land of outstanding historic or scientific interest, buildings needing preservation because they are of outstanding historical significance, any area surrounding such property, and object which is historically associated with a building of historical or architectural interest.

Holding: a tenant can have a holding over a building or land for the duration of their lease