Joscelyne Chase

Free Reindeer Hunt comes to Braintree Town Centre

Joscelyne Chase | 22/11/17   Alison Bryant ACCA

You may have heard the news from Braintree District Council that Father Christmas’ reindeer have gone missing in Braintree and he wants help to find them in time for Christmas! 

The 26 reindeer are hiding in shops and businesses around the town centre.  You might even find one hiding in Joscelyne Chase!!!!

Our Finance Director  Alison took part with her daughters on Saturday and reports as follows.

We found this activity was a great way to get us out of the house on a cold but bright day.  My daughter Sophie (age 5) enjoyed following the map, hunting out the reindeers and reading/writing all the reindeer names which had been selected.  My younger daughter Phoebe (age 2) loved the freedom of walking around town pointing out the different reindeer and looking at the map.

We are very proud to report that we managed to locate all 26 reindeer and the children were thrilled with their certificate which they collected from Braintree Town Hall.  We are now keeping our fingers crossed for the two prize draws which will take place from the entries. 

I thoroughly recommend this event if you are looking for something free and active for a few hours.  The different business and shop owners seemed to enjoy having the children come into their premises and hunt around for the reindeer.  It was a nice way to talk to local business owners and also other local reindeer hunters who we met along the way.

The maps are available from Braintree Town Hall or to download on the Braintree District Council website.  The event ends on the 15th December 2017.  We look forward to seeing you in our office if you choose to take part!