Joscelyne Chase

Creating a grand entrance.

Joscelyne Chase | 07/07/18   Joscelyne Chase

We all tend to judge a book by its front cover this can also be true from the appearance of our homes!

The front door sets the tone for what to expect beyond, the first thing visitors, neighbours and passer-by’s see. The front door enhances the homes attractiveness and maximises curb appeal. It should arouse one’s interest as to what may lie beyond, the front of the house has to be what grabs their interest and makes them want to walk through the front door.

It is now widely acknowledged how important curb appeal is especially when selling a home, people tend to make a decision from their first look. Research from Dulux weathershield suggests that a massive 93% of people are more likely to attend a house viewing if the exterior is well maintained. Suggesting more attention is required to making that grand entrance.

Having a grand entrance doesn’t mean having to spend a fortune on a new front door, for those with tighter budgets a fresh coat of paint and a few features such as a door knob, mail slot or door number can make a door extremely presentable. Other features such as a light fixture, hanging baskets, potted plants or even a welcome mat can complement the look of the entrance.Social media especially pin interest and Instagram are great places to start for inspirational ideas and tips on how to create a grand entrance of your own.

A well-presented front entrance will be worth all the effort as it will bring elegance and value to your property and provide lasting impression on guests and visitors, which is great news if they could be your potential home buyers.