History of Joscelyne Chase

The origins of Joscelyne Chase date back to 1777, and we have seen Braintree town develop substantially over this period. The name of Joscelyne has been in Essex for hundreds of years, so don't be surprised if you hear our name when you are out and about.


In its very earliest days over 230 years ago, the new business of Benjamin Joscelyne survived by making, restoring and selling furniture mostly for the landed gentry who were the few to afford such luxuries. Gradually the business developed to include the sale of new and second hand furniture, other household goods, china and antiques. In addition to sales over the counter, sales by public auction where held, usually in local hostelries. 

Eventually complete properties were also sold, they were mostly farms and manor houses as most workers lived in ‘tied’ cottages. Thus the property side of the business developed alongside the furniture business. As private home ownership became more widespread, the demand for house removals and furniture storage increased. This also saw the need for us to handle house sales, valuations, surveys for buyers and mortgage lenders. In 1938 the furniture side of the company, Henry Joscelyne Limited, was split from the property agency which later then traded as a partnership known as Henry Joscelyne. At that stage, the partners were Lewis Henry Joscelyne and Lewis Hamilton Joscelyne. 

Joscelyne Chase house auction poster in 1933

The business was continued by each succeeding eldest son for six generations down to the present Benjamin who retired from the business in 1998. It was at this point the business was amalgamated with John Chase & Co (another local Chartered Surveyor) to become Joscelyne Chase.

Interestingly, the current premises in Bank Street was built in 1961 on a former bombed site of World War II. It is from here we operate today, and are proud to say that past and present partners have all been members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. There were a lot of house lettings in the pre and post WW2 period, just as there are now. 

We do have a long history behind us, but that doesn’t stop us from being a very forward thinking company, constantly seeking new and effective ways of marketing your properties. Both our longstanding and new members of staff all have something to add to the eclectic mix of skills we have throughout the organisation, combining experience with fresh ideas.